Mike's New Role As 'Jersey Shore' Nice Guy: Genuine, Or An Act?

"A leopard never sheds his stripes," Deena Nicole famously declared on Season 5 of "Jersey Shore." Almost immediately after Mike moved into the Seaside Heights house for Summer 2012, the theory was put to the test, and the villain who drew the ire of Snooki across the previous two seasons vowed to be...nice? He arrived to the pad first and started cooking a nice meal as a means to say sorry for his behavior, but we had to wonder...was the apology-to-come sincere?

When D pulled up to the house soon after "Sitch," she was instantly taken aback by his welcoming arms and his flurry of compliments on her newly toned figure. "Usually he says that I look fat," Deena said, after swallowing shock. "Hopefully he stays like this, 'cause I like Mike like Mike." Pauly D instantly noticed a change in his former partner-in-crime, as well. "Seeing Mike healthy and happy--he's that person again."

Still, Nicole and JWOWW had their doubts, and weren't ready to let down their guards anytime soon. Snooki said she was proud of Mike for getting clean and for facing down his demons, but there was no misinterpreting where she stood with "The Situation." "I don't want to be his friend," she said bluntly. Welp, that's pretty loud and clear.

+ Where do you stand: Does Mike deserve a second chance to prove he's a changed guy, or is he impossible to trust, and is Snooki right to write him off for good?

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