Watch Out, Corporate World! Big Boss Snooki Is Making Her Mark [Photos]

Snooki gets in touch with her managerial side in some recent TwitPics.

Ladies and gentlemen: This is not a stay-at-home mom. There's no doubt Snooki loves her little man, Lorenzo (check out our mother-and-son photo album if you need some convincing), but the woman is makin' paper, too, and some recent Twitter shots taken in her very own office indicate the young "Jersey Shore" party animal we first got to know in 2009 has developed some definite corporate potential. WHERE ARE THOSE EXPENSE REPORTS SHE ASKED FOR?!

"Boss ladyyyy," Nicole tweeted during a day of some nose-to-the-grindstone action at NEP Enterprises. Under the light of a perfectly antiquated Tiffany lamp and amid framed magazine cover collections, it's possible Snooks was skimming through her sunglasses line's quarterly findings (can we get a pair of "GodFaddas" over here, speaking of which?), or maybe there was work to be done on the expansion of Snooki Soda, but the famed meatball looked ready to burn the midnight oil either way. Ready the coffee pot, lowly assistant.

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Limited liability company = the real deal, folks.

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