Can Vinny REALLY Stay Celibate For An Entire 'Shore' Summer?

The "Jersey Shore" cast started dropping bombs long before they moved into their Seaside Heights pad for the show's sixth season. Snooki's pregnancy: BOOM! Mike's stay in rehab: CRASH! But in an instant, both looked like duds compared to Vinny's announcement that he consciously planned to stay celibate through the entire summer. KA-BLAAAAM!

Before Snooki revealed plans to move next door to keep her unborn child away from the partying, Vinny took center stage at the group's first Sunday Dinner to announce he had no intention of going any further with the grenades of summer than a handshake. The choice to avoid sex might seem harmless to most, but considering Vin's history (lesbian threesome, anyone?) it came as quite a shock. "I wanna hang out with girls, but not have 'p***y! p***y! p***y!' like, the only thing ruling my world," he said. A noble goal, but in a house that includes a room specifically designed for smushing, can he really pull it off?

+ Tell us what you think--will Vin be able to keep it in his pants through the summer months, or will temptation prove to be too much?

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