'Awkward.' Showrunner Lauren Iungerich Opens Up About Being An On-Set Crybaby

"Awkward." creator and show runner Lauren Iungerich smiles wide at The Paley Center for Media earlier this year.

Contrary to popular belief, the big boss doesn't always measure success by how many employees she's made cry in a given day. In fact, sometimes it's the head honcho, herself, who has the capacity to make confetti out of a box of Kleenex. "Awkward" showrunner (and wordplay genius, if we might be so bold) Lauren Iungerich recently opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about the pressure of going from free-spirited writer to get-down-to-business producer, and apparently, the leap involves a tear or two.

"I would contend that my lack of 'fear to tear' is my greatest strength--not a weakness," Iungerich said after decrying the idea that any production's figurehead needs to be stone-faced. She said the shift from complaining about her boss to becoming the subject of behind-closed-doors smack talk on her set is a tough one, but that it comes with the territory, and that ultimately, she and her production's team share the same passion for creating something great. And, evidently, wet eyes come with the good stuff, too.

"[Tears] don't just come when seeing great ratings or reading a once-in-a-lifetime New York Times review," she says. "They come from realizing that I am living my dream and that by doing so, I've enabled other people to live theirs. With that thought, I find myself once again crying. I have the best job in the business, and I don't really care if anyone calls me a 'crybaby.' I am."

Aww, crap. Now we're crying. THANKS A LOT, LAUREN.

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Photo: Kevin Parry/The Paley Center For Media

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