Ronnie And Pauly D Assure Fans Sober Snooki And 'Sitch' Won't Stop The Party [Video]

Ordinarily, a woman might not immediately move to the East Coast's party capital after revealing she's pregnant. And generally speaking, someone who's recently completed rehab won't jump to surround himself with alcohol. Snooki and "Sitch" are of a different breed, however, and even though both committed themselves to acting responsibly during Season 6 of "Jersey Shore," their six housemates (and Mike, himself, sans booze) say they tore it up Seaside Heights-style all the same.

"The show's reality," Pauly says in the MTV News video below after being asked if Mike's and Snooki's stations in life changed the house's dynamic. "Things happen. In reality, people get pregnant, some people deal with situations going to rehab. It's just real life." Ronnie agrees, and adds that people who drink and those who don't can coexist. After all, there's still the boardwalk, shifts at the Shore Store and, of course, in-house games of Meatball Plop.

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Photo: Matthias Clamer

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