Where Does Camila's Latest Unraveling Rank Among The 'Challenge' Meltdowns?

Camila's infamous "YOU'RE GONNA DIE!" meltdown during "Battle Of The Exes" will go down in the "Challenge" books as one of the game's great unravelings. And though the former champ has played it cool so far, a screw came loose on tonight's episode, and the feisty Camila we've come to know so well reared her fight-ready head when Brandon tried to strike up a conversation she just wasn't ready to have. GAMES: BEGUN.

After Team Fresh Meat found themselves at the bottom of the pack yet again, Brandon tried to psych up his teammate Camila in the event she'd have to see another elimination round. "You know you're arguably one of the best girls here," he told her. "Arguably better than half the guys." Apparently, Camila didn't take too kindly to the completely complimentary remark, and went off. "Go f*** yourself--everyone in this house!" she blasted back before storming off of the property and threatening to leave the competition. Ultimately, she'd survive the coming Arena, but the same couldn't be said for Brandon and Cara Maria, the latter of whom somehow earned a plane-ticket home though she'd stayed calm through the debacle.

+ How do you think Camila's latest freakout ranks among the great blowups, and will she eventually get sent home for her explosive tendencies? Tell us in the comments!

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