Devyn And Big Easy, Alton And Sarah: Are These Couples The Real Deal?

"The Challenge" has always been a hot spot for a sloppy hookup or two, but when married couple Brad and Tori, who first met as competitors for separate teams in 2007, announced they'd had a baby together last year, the idea that the game could also spawn lasting love was cemented. Tonight, we saw two separate sparks manifest between Alton and Sarah and Devyn and Big Easy, and we wondered: Could either develop into something solid?

"My feelings are pretty serious about it," Sarah said of her developing relationship as she and her fellow rock climbing-fanatic cuddled on tonight's episode. Trishelle questioned Sarah's sincerity, but Sarah looked mighty comfortable in Alton's arms. And even though self-proclaimed pageant princess Devyn couldn't have been less comfortable working out with Eric ("I stopped going to the gym when they stopped giving away smoothies," she pointed out), the connection between D and Easy seemed undeniable.

+ After tonight's episode, and Sarah's narrow Arena win, do you think either of these couples has a shot at a real relationship? Take our poll!

Which couple has the best chance of going the distance?

  • Big Easy and Devyn
  • Alton and Sarah
  • Both!
  • Neither!

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