Pauly D Tells Chelsea Handler He's Shipping Out To Sin City [Video]

When we found out our favorite music-makin' musclehead Pauly D would be on "Chelsea Lately," we pretty much knew what to expect: A little bit of drinkin', some "Jersey Shore" jokes and--as Chelsea is obsessed with PD's 'do--some definite blowout-stroking. But, what we didn't think we'd hear is the tragic news that it's official: Our beloved guido is moving outta The Garden State! And not just in his temporary "Project" way!

After the DJ assured us a preggo Snooki and sober Sitch wouldn't halt the Season 6 partying, he let us in on the big news that his rumored move to Las Vegas is actually going down. We knowww, he's gotta keep up his business of being a professional badass etc. etc., but thinking of Pauly so far from home makes us wanna cry into a bowlful of baked ziti. Who will teach little Lorenzo proper bicep curl form?

It's tough news to swallow, but in our hearts, we know Pauly will always only be a duck phone call away! Take a look at part of his interview below, and remember: The "Jersey Shore" gang gets back together for the final season tomorrow at 10/9c! Plus, be sure to catch the Premiere Party live stream from 8 to 11 p.m. on

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