Go Behind The Scenes Of The 'Jersey Shore' Season 6 Photo Shoot! [Video]

By now, you've checked out the Season 6 beachside photos of the "Jersey Shore" cast--shoes in hand--strolling across the damp sand low tide has left behind. Each shot looks effortless, but, of course, that's the point. In the video below, you can see for yourself what a full day of posing and shooting looks like from behind the scenes and get some firsthand info on what to anticipate before the show premieres TOMORROW NIGHT!!!

Between set-ups in the Shore Store and across the picturesque Seaside Heights coastline, Snooki, "Sitch" and their six other housemates speak to the fact that the series' final season will be completely different than any viewers have seen yet. "We're living with a guy that just got out of rehab, a pregnant woman, and then you have, like, everybody in relationships," Sammi says bluntly. "There's just a lot of stuff to expect." Still, Pauly D says he's the same ol' guy, and you can at least count on the fact that he won't be "knocked up." Well, at least not yet--there's still an entire season to come!

+ Take a look at what really goes down during "Jersey Shore" photo shoots, and remember to tune in to MTV.com tomorrow night, beginning at 8 p.m., for the "Jersey Shore" Premiere Party live stream!

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