Demi Lovato, Wiz Khalifa And More Explain How They 'Made It' In New MTV Series [Trailer]

Without fail, the question that comes up most when talking about young celebs is "How did [name one, anyone] make it?" So how'd you like some real answers? MTV's newest series, "This Is How I Made It," will take a look at actors, musicians and other public figures who have managed to silence the naysayers by seeing their dreams through, and whether their journeys have amounted to Olympic Gold or platinum records, it seems the greatest validation of all--across all professions--is the commitment to sticking the tough times out.

Demi LovatoAshley Rickards of "Awkward" and Wiz Khalifa are only a few of the artists who will share their paths to the big time when the show kicks off on Sunday, October 13 at 12/11c. Each has had struggles, each knows the sting of rejection all too well and each has managed to subvert the BS long enough to hone his or her talents and shine. "I don't think there is a finish line," Demi says in reference to her journey. "You just keep going."

+ Get a glimpse of all the dream-chasing in the trailer below, and be sure to watch the premiere of "This Is How I Made It" later this month!

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