Trishelle Is Worried Sarah's Pulling The Wool Over Alton's Eyes [Sneak Peek]

From the outside looking in, Sarah and Alton seem tailor-made for each other. Even in the sub-minute sneak peek of the upcoming "Battle Of The Seasons" episode below, it's clear how strongly they connect over their shared love of outdoor sports. But Alton's teammate, Trishelle, has her doubts about Brooklyn's fearless vet, and is worried Sarah's using Alton to get ahead in the game.

"Even if there was nothing else involved, Sarah could actually be a best friend," Alton says in the video as he and Sarah exact some yoga techniques out by the pool. Trishelle watches them flirt from a nearby lounge chair, and doesn't look fooled, revealing that fellow Challengers have warned her about Sarah's sneaky tactics. "She might be manipulating Alton," the poker player says. "And, he's an easy target!"

+ Do you think Sarah's got some ulterior motives for hanging out with Alton, or do the rock-climbing aficionados share a genuine connection? Tell us, and make sure to tune in to the next "Battle Of The Seasons" Wednesday night at 10/9c!

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