A Little Help For Our 'Inbetweeners' Friends: On Dong Jokes And The Female Anatomy

Those four naive boys comprising "The Inbetweeners" are entertaining without a doubt, but sometimes you just want to throw 'em a helping hand, or the world's largest lifeboat, to rescue them from death by humiliation. Each week, we're spotlighting the guys' most embarrassing moments from the current episode, and detailing how someone a teensy bit smoother might've wiggled their way out of the situation. Consider it a service to you, dear reader, so you never have to endure the same kind of ongoing shame.

The scenarioJay upsets a mime to become the school's class clown, but now Neil's threatening to snatch the honor away by adding "With my DONG!" to the end of every joke Jay sets up. After some zingers, courtesy of Neil, Jay realizes he has to take his lanky friend down.

The takeaway: Fight fire with fire, homeslice. If Neil wants to steal your punchlines, let him. Just make sure every set-up involves him or his dad. By the third or fourth, "Yeah, I was going to swing by your Dad's backyard garage later...," he won't be dropping that tagline any longer.

The scenario: The guys join Jay's family for a weekend in low-income vacationland and vow to meet the finest ladies an RV could offer. But, in typical fantastic four fashion, they fail--Simon only gets to stuff his junk into a condom, Jay puts his fingers where no man should ever put his fingers and Will spends the night trying to get his stolen shoes back.

The takeaway: You can't think too hard at the RV park, gentlemen--just roll with the punches. Charming the progeny of trailer park-vacationers requires zero finesse, so go ahead and let that cutie lick chickpeas off your shirt, and the rest will follow. It's really much simpler than you think.

The scenario: Jay gets over himself and makes a move on a girl that's chubbier than he'd prefer. After making out with her cheek and trying to round the bases, though, it becomes abundantly clear he's got no idea what he's doing.

The takeaway: Pay more attention in health class, guy! While you were busy making renob jokes and blowing up Magnum-sized balloons, you were missing out on some actual practical anatomy lessons. You'll never use trigonometry, and history is pretty much a joke, but health class? It's your golden ticket to pokin' what's meant to be poked.

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