Are You Diggin' Teen Mom Jenelle's New Leopard Tattoo? [Photo]

Jenelle Evans' primal ink: Whaddya think?

It's no secret: When Jenelle of "Teen Mom 2" is confronted, she can be downright ferocious, and now, she's got some beastly ink to reinforce that trait. The mother to little Jace recently shared a photo of a new tattoo with her social media followers, and it's nothing subtle. From hip to mid-thigh, this leopard looks ready to bite.

"I'm wearing my bathing suit bottoms, so nobody freak out," Jenelle tweeted alongside a seemingly racy photo of her new animal spirit guide, which stretched across the better part of her bottom half. She generously shared shots of the Saran Wrap-covered recovery process, as well. Looks paiiiiiiinful.

+ Diggin' Jenelle's new tattoo, or is the giant jungle creature a bit too much for your taste? Tell us what you think!

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Photo courtesy of @PBAndJenelley_1