JWOWW And Deena Sort Through Neon-Tinted Memories At The Shore Store [Video]

Ah, the Shore Store. It's more than just host to novelty tees and key chains--it's where memories are made, particularly those that involve getting a 20-year-old guy to stroll down the boardwalk wearing booty shorts and ditching your afternoon shift early to have some cocktails. That poor, poor Danny...

Before the final "Jersey Shore" season kicks off on Thursday, JWOWW and Deena have some reflections to share about their part-time summer gig. "It's cool we can come to a store and there's, like, shirts with things we made up on it," Deena says as she tours the space's aisles in the video below. She's got a soft spot for the classic "Shore Store" license plate decal, while JWOWW's more a sucker for "LesBeHonest" and any garment alluding to T-shirt Time. Fitting!

We're sure Season 6 will make its own special impact on the shop's Winter 2012 line--by the looks of the trailer, Danny might want to consider hiring more help--but in the meantime, check out the apparel that flew off the racks this last summer in Seaside, and hear about Jenni and Deena's most unforgettable work experiences.

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