'Love Is Not A Maybe Thing,' And More Of The Best/Worst 'Hills' Advice Ever [Video]

For the deceit, backstabbing and mascara-stained tears she endured across her years on reality TV, Lauren Conrad understandably has a good amount of perspective. From relationship woes to trouble with roommates, "The Hills" frontwoman saw it all, but for each bit of drama thrown her and her fellow cast mates' ways, viewers could always count on some sage post-game advice. It's actually where our favorite one-liners of the series were born!

In the video below, we've compiled the most notable quotables that Lauren and her cronies extolled upon each other. From "School's not meant for everyone," courtesy of Heidi, to "I used to think marriage was the dumbest thing for guys who couldn't get laid," courtesy of Heidi's husband, to that Justin Bobby vomit about truth and time, this could be a self-help guidebook in the making.

+ Check out the video, and tell us if you have a favorite life lesson from "The Hills" that we missed!

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