Farrah Abraham Wants To Include YOUR Stories In Her Next Book!

If, when watching "Teen Mom," Farrah's struggles hit especially close to home, pay close attention: The author, music-maker and chef wants to hear from you! Farrah's got a follow-up to "How My Teenage Dream Ended" in the works, and she wants to include your stories of triumph in the face of adversity right alongside hers.

In her second book, Farrah will address topics ranging from "When You're Overwhelmed" to "When You Feel Your Faith Inhibits You," and if you find you can relate to any of the 20 bullet points she offers on her website, she encourages you to reach out and explain how. The entries that touch her the most will be included within the book's pages, as well as her answers to any questions that were included.

Always envisioned your name in print? Hop to it and submit your stories for possible publication!

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