'Inbetweeners' Poll: Is Carly Teasing Simon?

If we took a shot of Goldschläger every time Carly got Simon's hopes (and you-know-what) up, we'd be vom-ing flecks of glitter. It's as if whenever the lovestruck "Inbetweener" turns around, his longtime friend is there to greet him with a perky, "Hi, Simon!" just before inviting herself to cooking club or asking him to dance despite the bum piss stank. What (or who) Carly always fails to mention is her boyfriend Bobby, who happens to have a sexy red ride, Johnny Depp hair and Mario Batali-like kitchen skills.

Sure, one could say that Carly is just really friendly--though what kind of nice girl immediately invites her friend over to help babysit after he spray paints his affections on her driveway? And what kind of nice girl surrounds her platonic pal with candles, promises an out-of-body experience and then pushes him away when he makes a move? Some guys might call her a tease. But, like we said, maybe Carly's just stupidly sweet.

+ Is Carly a clueless sophomore who just really cares about her childhood pal, Simon? Or is she purposely playing with his virgin loins? Take our poll and tell us if you think she's a tease.

Is Carly teasing Simon?

  • Yes! She's totally toying with his heart.
  • No. She doesn't realize her effect on him.

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