'The Situation' Uses Jay Leno's Couch To Hit On A Cougar [Video]

We're beyond psyched for Season 6 of "Jersey Shore" to start this Thursday, so when "The Situation" stopped by "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" last week, we turned up the volume in anticipation of some inside scoop. Not only did we get a sneak peek of the premiere, we were also given a glimpse at Mike's new graphic novel, in which the studly guido indulges in a threesome before his routine fake 'n' bake. Sounds about right.

In the surprisingly honest interview, Mike opened up about his stay in rehab and also admitted to being in over his head during "Dancing With The Stars." But the best moment came when he took it upon himself to court Kirstie Alley on the couch. The two seemed to develop an instant connection--after all, most conversations we've had with strangers don't include the phrase "Tell Daddy what Baby wants" within the first fifteen seconds. Yep, that happened. Check it out:

+ Tune in for the Season 6 premiere of "Jersey Shore" Thursday night at 10pm, and keep your eyes peeled for a tall brunette sneaking out of the Smush Room at dawn.

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