MTV Twitter Roundup: Molly Tarlov Makes A Mockery Of Her Skeletal System

Uhhh, get a band aid? Molly Tarlov's stretch routine is a bit terrifying.

Sadie Saxton may be two-faced, but Molly Tarlov, the actress behind the mean girl, is double-jointed as f***. The "Awkward" star made us cringe with a recent Twitter shot demonstrating just how little her bones matter, and we expect nausea was a common reactionary theme from her following. YOU'RE WELCOME...?

While Molls was busy stumping anatomy experts, Snooki celebrated a very special moment in Little Lorenzo's life, while sometimes-roommate and recently engaged JWOWW got a hilariously poignant congratulations from comedian Ellen Degeneres.  Marie from "Real World: St. Thomas" defended the idea that any competitor could make it through "Battle Of The Seasons" without diving into the game's politics, and Trishelle, who took a second away from "Challenge" analysis, got a little tongue-tied during a trip to France.

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Photo courtesy of @MollyTarlov