That's What You Said...About JWOWW's Engagement!

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JWOWW's ring finger is a loner no longer! On Wednesday, we confirmed that the "Jersey Shore" star is now officially engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Roger. No word on when the wedding will be, or if Snooki will earn the Maid of Honor title, but we imagine a zebra stripe or two will make their way into the table arrangements.

With no single girls left among the "Jersey Shore" gang, fans weighed in on Jenni's new "engaged" status. From well-wishes to advice, here's what you had to say on Remote Control and Facebook.

Remote Control:

"Congratulations to Jenni and Roger, they are a great couple and I wish them all the luck in the future. Please don't be like Sammi and Ron." -- Nikki

"Your ring is awesome--it's one of the best I've ever seen ever seen. You've got a good man." -- SweetBaby

"I am so happy for them! No matter what fights they had, they definitely belong together!" -- Missy


"I think you two bring out the best in each other! Keep it up and you two will go far! Congrats!" -- Sahra G.

"I love them both and am super jealous of her. Wish you guys the best. Just be honest--totally honest. It's easier to forgive a mistake than lies." -- Nikki J.

"Jenni deserves to finally settle down and be happy for once! Shes been through enough BS and drama--so happy for her! She's always been my fave on the show!" -- Crystal H.

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