Britney Spears And Pauly D: Best Friends Forever?!

Sure, Pauly D closed out Britney Spears' Femme Fatale tour, but we kinda figured his contact with our second-favorite Mickey Mouse Club member was limited to that infamous onstage lap dance and a "Nice meeting you!" backstage. She is Brit Brit, after all--who's got the time? So, you can only imagine the pleasant surprise we felt after seeing that the goddess of all things pop tweeted at our beloved DJ during an episode of "The X Factor" last night!

Crazy, right? And she wasn't just tossing the guy a bone: Miss Spears tweeted at him first! He can make his hair defy gravity, knows people in high places, has his pick of Seaside there anything our bro can't do?

With Vinny out-styling PSY himself, Rihanna on the duck phone's speed-dial to babysit Lorenzo and this latest exchange on Twitter, that Pauly-Brit collaboration truly doesn't seem far off. GFR: Get. Friggin'. Ready.

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