MVP Trash-Talk Their Way Through A Fierce Shore Store Competition [Video]

If you want the perfectly fitted suit, you go to a trusted tailor. If you want the best "Jersey Shore" novelty tee money can buy, you go to Mike, Vinny and Pauly D--better known as MVP. We recently rounded up the three amigos for a pre-season interview and T-shirt-making session at the Shore Store, where they ended up competing for the distinguished honor of best press-on catch phrase. And, wow, did they get competitive.

"Yo, if you want your shirt messed up, have Mike press it," Pauly says in the video below, as he gets started on his "Situation" shirt, which includes a completely obvious arrow that points downtown. Meanwhile, after a first botched attempt, Vin goes to work on a "Cabs Are Here!" masterpiece. "Don't put no crooked decal like him," Pauly instructs his best friend in reference to Mike's amateur skills.

+ Check out the guys' foray into poly-cotton blends, tell us which is your favorite design and learn how you could win one of them for yourself in our Facebook contest!

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Photo: Josh Kessler

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