'Geordie Shore' Is Crossing The Pond For A Stay At MTV.com!

"Geordie Shore," the English equivalent to your favorite Seaside Heights eightsome, first made a splash across the pond last year when they tore through the United Kingdom in a flurry of fights, fiery relationships and games of "Tash, Bang and Swill" (so...do any of those translate to "smush?"). Since the first season premiered, the group has traveled across the nation and even recently to Cancun (que bueno!), and now, you can catch each minute on MTV.com!

From Vicki's relationships with both Jay and Ricci (scandal!) to Charlotte-Letitia's advice to "Get them nipples out, chestnuts on an open fire and all that," in order to snag the right guy, the gang of blokes and dames have been on quite the adventure, and since "Jersey Shore" full episodes have seen a rebirth on MTV.com, we thought it was only fair they have some company. If Holly and friends can manage bathing suits in the chilly British climate, we can't imagine they'll be averse to much else...

+ Get comfy, grab your favorite pint or spot of tea and catch the first episode of the series below! Then, head over to the Geordie Shore site for more!

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Photo: mtv.co.uk