Vinny Guadagnino Gets Mistaken For An 'American Idol' [Video]

You know that person you just can't place? Maybe he or she frequents the same coffee shop, or you bump into each other on the bus every now and again. Well, Funny or Die's Bryan evidently has that problem with every famous person on the planet--which would be fine if, you know, he wasn't a celebrity reporter.

In the video below, Bryan arrives late to a "Rock The Vote" shoot to get some exclusive interviews with the likes of Vinny from "Jersey Shore," Kathy Griffin, Joel McHale and other notable faces, but he can't quite get their identities straight. "I think the world just wants to know: Why did you break up with Flavor Flav?" he asks Jane Lynch (who is NOT Brigitte Neilsen, for the record). And things go from bad to worse, as Bryan mistakes Michelle Branch for Vanessa Carlton and pegs our boy Vin for an "American Idol" contestant...or...a chef? A makeup artist?

Check out the clip to see some definite A-listers getting the D-list treatment.

Rock the Vote Behind the Scenes with Jane Lynch, Miranda Cosgrove, Josh Duhamel from Jane Lynch

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Photo: Matthias Clamer

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