A Lovestruck Sammi And Ronnie Make 'I Heart You' T-Shirts [Video]

On any given day in the "Jersey Shore" house, Sammi and Ronnie can be found playfully flirting in the rooftop hammock, shaped like a spoon in either one of their twin-sized beds...or torching each other's personal belongings. All depends on the hour. But last we saw them--this past summer in Seaside Heights, while they were shooting the final season--not a trace of hate, or even annoyance, could be detected. The couple, dare we say it, seemed rather...HAPPY.

As such, we figured we'd capitalize on the upswing by having them partake in a romantic activity: making T-shirts for each other at the Shore Store! Who knew it would serve as a backdrop to their cutest MTV.com interview ever?

"It was love at first fight," Ron says, as the two recall their first few days of filming Season 1, to which Sam responds, "I think we've come a long way from the fights and the crap." And she might just be telling the truth. Take a look for yourself at the swoony duo in action, tune in for the Season 6 premiere next Jerzday (October 4 at 10/9c) and enter our Facebook contest to win the tees SamRon make in the video!

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