'Battle Of The Seasons' Poll: Should Jemmye Give Knight One More Chance?

"Knight and I will get back together over my dead body," Jemmye said during a night out in Turkey on tonight's "Battle Of The Seasons." Seems pretty cut and dry, but Knight, who had cheated on his former girlfriend after "Real World: New Orleans," seemed genuine about atoning for his mistakes. Plus, when even Melinda--who has a strong case for being a love-cynic--spoke in his defense, it looked like Jemmye had reason to re-think things. Should she?

"I miss my best friend," Knight said as he pleaded for his ex's forgiveness. "I miss the girl I loved." Jemmye said she felt pressure from Knight, and was uncomfortable with the fact that he accepted a "Challenge" bid more for the chance to be around her than any potential cash prize. All of Knight's begging didn't seem to sway Jem, though, and when he told her he'd marry her if given the chance, she looked ready to implode.

+ Whaddya think--do these two have a future together, or should Knight take Jemmye's words for face value and back off?

Does Knight deserve a second chance with Jemmye?

  • Hell no. Once a cheater, always a cheater.
  • I think so! Sometimes you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone.

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