Will Renegade Trey Be Team St. Thomas' Undoing?

After the first few rounds of Oil Change on tonight's "Battle Of The Seasons," it became pretty clear where the line in the sand was drawn among the game's eight teams: San Diego, Las Vegas, Cancun and New Orleans were on one side, Austin, Fresh Meat and Brooklyn were on another. And St. Thomas was the line. Laura squeaked out a last-minute victory for her team to avoid elimination, but the close call proved she and her cast mates were running alone. Marie used the revelation as incentive to play a better political game, but Trey made a point to say he had no intention of sucking up to Frank, Zach and the competition's show-runners.

"If Trey doesn't start cooperating with me, I don't know how I'm going to get my team to the final round," Marie said when she caught wind that San Diego, which eventually became the game's Power Team, wasn't too fond of Trey's penchant for trash-talk. Trey pissed off the first-placers enough to almost earn his team a ticket to The Arena, and though San Diego ultimately chose to send Fresh Meat in, instead, it was too close a call for Marie. "Put on your poker face," she said. "Smile to these kids' faces, kiss their butts every once in awhile and do what you have to do to not be the person going into the elimination round."

+ What do you think--should Trey shut up and go along with Marie's plan, or does he have the right to go against the grain? Tell us in the comments!

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