Is Kristin Cavallari's Baby Dressed Better Than You Are? [Photo]

Your hair looks slicker than Justin Bobby's. Your laundry's fresher than The Situation's. But even if you're rocking The Shirt Before The Shirt, Kristin Cavallari's newborn still might have more style game than you.

Camden Jack may only be a few weeks old, but on, so far he's sported bold, black and orange threads in support of his pops, Jay Cutler of the Chicago Bears, and the schmancy get-up above. Yup, that's Cam clad in full Burberry gear, from head to teensy-tiny toe. Swoooon!

While most babies out there are slummin' it in drool-covered bibs and off-brand onesies, this lil' guy's got designer duds and a matching cap. Looks like he inherited his mom's fashion sense! We've only seen the tip of the adorbz-iceberg that is Baby CJ, so good thing we've got another bundle of joy to satiate our craving for cuteness. Expect some "Who Wore It Best?" polls very soon...

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Photo courtesy of @KristinCav via