Which Adventure Do You Want To See The 'Buried Life' Guys Cross Off Next?

They're at it again! MTV's "Buried Life" team is leaving the comforts of home behind and trekking across the country to make scratch paper out of their to-do lists. This time, though, they're not in control of which stunts they'll pull and where: You are. And from the Rocky Mountains to the Floridian Everglades, the choices at hand are equally awesome.

To complete their newest project, Ben, Dave, Duncan and Jonnie will journey through small-town America--trying their hands at everything from hovering over water with jet packs to swimming around Alcatraz--to determine which fan-submitted stunts are most worthy of their official "America List." Even more exciting: One final fan's suggestion will earn him or her a visit from the guys, and the chance to complete the task alongside them.

+ So, we ask--which of the following adventures would you like to see the guys complete? Take the poll, and keep your eyes peeled for the new crop of episodes, which will be available online soon!

What would you like to see the 'Buried Life' guys accomplish?

  • Sleeping in the Grand Canyon.
  • Hang-gliding off of cliffs in California.
  • Playing glowstick hide-and-seek in a cave in the Rocky Mountain Region
  • Ziplining over alligator marshes in Florida.

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