Soothsayer Pauly D Saw JWOWW's Engagement Coming [Video]

JWOWW may have said she didn't see Roger's proposal coming, but for Pauly D, hearing word of the couple's engagement was surely no surprise. The "Jersey Shore" DJ recently caught up with MTV News before Jenni's new 5-carat bling blinded the Internet, and when the topic of who would be the next "Shore" bride arose (Snooki's got a rock, too, remember...) he had a decisive answer.

"Jenni!" Pauly told correspondent Christina Garibaldi in the MTV News video below. Ding ding ding! And, according to the apparent soothsayer, JWOWW might soon have a little one to care for, as well--he predicts she'll be the next parent in the group! Oh, and, you know, he mentioned chatting with Britney Spears about possibly making a cameo on one of her upcoming tracks. The usual...

+ Take a look at the lightning-round Q&A below, and tell us if you think Jenni really could be a mom soon!

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Photo: Matthias Clamer

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