What We'll Miss Most About 'Awkward.' During The Break

FINALLY! Last week's season finale of "Awkward" answered the nagging questions that had been hounding us all summer long. Matty or Jake? Who the eff is the Anonymous commenter? Will Tamara ever get hers? Can Lacey's marriage make it? The episode left us feeling fairly satisfied, but it didn't shake the sadness sitting in the pit of our stomachs. While we're gonna miss the über-humiliating moments most of all, there are a few little things about the show we're almost just as upset to see go...UNTIL SEASON 3! Such as:

Ming's animal hats. If anyone can flawlessly rock mammal accessories, it's Ming. Whether sporting them while boozily begging Freddie to break her hymen or scaring off bitchy Becca and the Asian Mafia, Ming and her wacky head warmers are awesomesauce.

Tamara's eclectic vocabulary. We're not gonna Nancy Drew these Tamara-isms to death, but a major mention is in order. We're gonna miss 'em, OK? Now let's hit shuffle on that subject before we resort to a shame spiral, ugly cry and all.

Sadie Saxton. Sort of. She said it herself on the season finale--she's a bitch, but she's not a heartless bitch. When she wasn't chasing after a closeted Ricky Schwartz, she was making Jenna & Co.'s lives a living hell, but truth be told, we're genuinely bummed to say bye to her one-liners. Like it or not, she's the mean girl we love to hate. Sorry. We're not sorry.

Val's unwarranted advice. Where on earth will we get useless tips on tramp stamps, dudes in diapers and the cons of public mud-bathing?

Matty's armpits. Matty. Dude. You smell fine. But we still get a kick out of you trying to detect the rank in your bodily nooks and crannies.

Lacey's love life. Due to blowback from that God-awful Carefrontation letter, Hot Mama Hamilton was on the outs with Hot Daddy Hamilton for the better part of this season. Despite a Ben-interruption, the couple now appears to be on the up-and-up (see: shower sex).

Jake's face. We all know I'm Team Jake. So, yes, I'll miss his blue eyes a little, kay?

Jenna's constant indecision. Matty. Jake. Matty. Camp Pookah. Europe. Camp Pookah. We still love you, Jenna. Just as you are.

+ What will you miss the most about "Awkward"? Comment!

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