Baby's First Flipbook! Check Out Our 'Snooki And Child' Photo Gallery

Snooki and Lorenzo enjoy a sweet moment together in the presence of one cuddly Teddy Bear.

Covered in pastel storks and boasting an alphabet's worth of foam letters, baby books are a time-honored tradition for new moms, cataloging every precious milestone, from a little girl's first spit-up to a little boy's first words. But who needs hard copies anymore? Lorenzo may only be one month old, but Snooki has already compiled--and shared with the world--a pretty impressive collection of photos with the help of social media.

Since 'Enzo's birth, the hot mama has been tweeting the cutest pics any virtual bookshelf could ever hope to hold. From snuggling him tight to introducing him to stuffed animal friends, the "Jersey Shore" star has never looked more content. "Party's here!" seems to have been replaced by the likes of "Mommy's here!" and you know what? She seems more than OK with it. And--horror of horrors--we might just be more than OK with it, too.

+ Check out our "Mother and Child" photo spread for an up-to-date collection of Snooki's son's first (of many) poses, and tell us which is your favorite!

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Photo courtesy of @Snooki