Which Pair Of 'Challenge' Exes Has The Best Shot At 'BOTS' Victory?

The last "Challenge" installment, "Battle Of The Exes," saw former flames forced together to compete for the game's gold. And while Johnny and Camila took home first place some time ago, "Battle Of The Seasons" bears some definite likeness to its predecessor. Danny and Melinda of Austin, Jemmye and Knight of New Orleans and Zach and Ashley of San Diego are all teammates and broken-up couples: The question is, do any of them have what it takes to go the distance?

Athletes Zach and Ashley have obvious physical potential. The two spent most of their "Real World" season at the gym, and while they're no longer dating, there doesn't appear to be any bad blood in their joint interview. Knight and Jemmye, on the other hand, still seem sore from their split, but their fiery temperaments might propel them to the top spot, and though Danny and Melinda are the only vets among the show's three couples, neither has ever pulled out a win. Is it time for the former married couple to cash in their long overdue checks?

+ Tell us what you think! Among this season's exes, who--if any--has the best shot at winning?

Which pair of exes has the best chance at winning?

  • Danny and Melinda
  • Zach and Ashley
  • Knight and Jemmye

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