Danny Makes It Clear: He And Melinda Are Business Partners Only [Sneak Peek]

There was a time when storybook lovers Danny and Melinda were inseparable, but a number of years later and on the other side of the world, it couldn't be less the case. With Lacey and Wes now out of the game, the divorced couple--who both have new relationships back home--are struggling to reconcile their "Battle Of The Seasons" standing as a Team Austin twosome, and with a target on his back, Danny recognizes it's time to step up and get the job done.

After Mel admits to Alton how much she misses her boyfriend in the below sneak peek of the upcoming episode, Danny puts things into blunt perspective in a separate conversation with Knight, and points out that Melinda is nothing more than a business partner to him. "I'm definitely cautious even being in the same room as Mel," Danny says. "Is she my best friend? No. Do I want her here? Maybe not. But her money is my money right now."

+ Check out the clip, and see if Danny and Melinda can keep Team Austin alive when Episode 2 of "Battle Of The Seasons" airs this Wednesday night at 10/9c.

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