If JWOWW Takes Her Own Advice, Marriage Will Be A Piece Of Cake

The couple that GTLs together, stays together.

JWOWW and Roger are now one giant step diamond closer to a lifetime commitment, but getting engaged doesn't suddenly erase a couple's issues--many a betrothed celebrity never made it down the aisle due to premarital irreconcilable differences. In the case of Jenni and Rog, their equal amounts of stubbornness are bound to cause some bumps in the road, but if she takes all of the love advice she's so generously provided fans on her website, the "Jersey Shore" siren and her strapping gorilla can look forward to years and years of being each other's ball and chain.

+ Check out this collection of relationship DOs and DON'Ts the guidette has doled out over time, and tell us if you think she can abide by her own rules.

DON'T dish out a double standard.

"Just because your man looks at a sexy woman out in public doesn’t mean that he’s not in love with you. If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll admit that you also look at hot guys when they are in the room too."

DO hide him from Marriage Wreckers.

"This type of woman knows a guy is married and doesn’t give a f***. In fact, it turns her on. Stealing another woman’s man is a power play. This bitch is one of the worst in my book."

DON'T drag him to Bebe.

"If you want a guy to go to the mall with you, get a gay best friend or something. Most men don’t want to spend an afternoon in the Brass Plum and they shouldn’t have to. Find someone else to shop with."

DO hear him out in a fight.

"Don’t just wail on his ass without giving him the opportunity to explain and say how he feels--tempting as that may be. Even if you’re not liking what he’s telling you, he deserves to have the floor for a few minutes."

Get the details on Jenni and Roger's engagement:

DON'T get defensive.

"If you're on the receiving end [of an accusation]--and you didn’t do anything wrong--it's hard not to get pissed off and protest. But if all you do is deny, deny, deny, you’re basically telling him you don’t give a s*** how he feels. You may not have done the act, but something (or someone) has caused him to think you did. You need to acknowledge his feelings and keep your cool. Once he sees that you care, explain what really happened."

DO think before you speak.

"Play nice. By this, I mean no low blows in the conversation. Don’t bring up his past mistakes or problems, don’t threaten to call his mother and don’t call him names. Act like an adult, for f***ing crying out loud!"

DON'T make weird noises during sex.

"I’m talking whistling, honking, clucking, hissing. He wants to be banging a wild animal--not a barnyard beast. Hit the mute button."

DO STFU every once in a while.

"An occasional 'So what’s your opinion?' will do wonders for your relationship."

DON'T whine.

"The pasta he made you is too al dente; the roses he bought you are the wrong color; you hate his hair, his roommates, his car. You bitch and criticize--and you wonder why he’s sticking his dick in some other chick."

DO stay true to yourself.

"A healthy relationship is one where the man and woman respect one another for who they really are and love them regardless. Never let someone change you or bring you down."

DON'T act like a conceited bitch.

"I am all for projecting confidence, but if you’re constantly announcing how hot you are--and how no one can measure up to you--a guy is gonna do his very best to prove you wrong."

+ Got any tips to add? Check out this video montage of Jenni and Roger's roller-coaster relationship, and leave your comments for the bride-to-be!

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Photo: Eddie Mejia/Splash News