What The HELL Happened To Team San Diego Since 'Real World'?

When seven strangers packed up and shipped out of sunny SoCal after "Real World: San Diego," we had everything squared away: Sam and Frank hated Zach, Zach and Ashley were inseparable and Sam and Frank possessed a mutual respect that could never be shattered. And then,"Battle Of The Seasons" came along.

Before this "Challenge" season's cast was acclimated to life in Turkey, we learned that Zach and Frank had become great friends (sealed with a kiss!), Zach and Ashley hadn't spoken in months and Frank's respect for Sam had dwindled (in the heat of the game's first Frankout, he instructed Sam to go f*** her "fat girlfriend"). Same people, same faces but...we had no idea who these folks were. And when Zach pulled Frank out of a fight to keep him cool, we officially gave up on the idea that we had ever known the former housemates at all.

+ WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO TEAM SAN DIEGO?! Tell us if you're surprised by how much their relationships have changed, and how you see them progressing through this season.

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