Heidi Montag Celebrates Birthday Inside Marlboro Man's Fantasy [Photos]

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag redefine the twenty-something birthday celebration.

Haven't you heard? Balloons and cake are tired. B-day bashes are now allll about the berries-and-champagne beach picnic! Heidi Montag recently celebrated her 26th birthday with husband Spencer Pratt, and if the long-running couple left a single stretch of sand untouched by their majestic horses' hooves, we can't see it. Nothing like a pair of Clydesdales to usher in another year of paparazzi pictures.

After taking in the views of the Pacific Ocean atop their animal friends, Speidi settled down on a blanket and fed each other like newlyweds. It was as if they never even met Stacie the Bartender! Good to know the past is behind them, and there will be no shortage of exaggerated smiles in this blog's photo-posting future.

+ Check out more of Heidi's grown-up revelry, and tell us how you think it compares to her bashes of birthdays past.

Take cover! Heidi pops some bubbly.

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Photos: Splash News

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