Snooki and Kristin Cavallari Share A Virtual Mommy High-Five!

Is #babymania trending on Twitter yet? We got two awwws for the price of one over the weekend when our favorite MTV mommies tweeted at each other about their newborns! Snooks reached out to Kristin Cavallari to compliment "cute" Camden, and the Cali girl returned the sentiment with some love for "precious" Lorenzo.

The "Hills" star gave birth to Camden Jack shortly after Nicole popped out Baby Enzo, and if social media is any indicator, they're on their way to starting a MILF club. Put the play date on the books!

Though the Cutvallaris and LaValles live in different states, we can totally picture the joint family getaway: Jionni and Jay throwin' kickin' around a football, the ladies getting poolside pedicures, the babies napping side-by-side in their pimped out cribs. Spinoff anyone?

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Photo courtesy of @Snooki

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