'Awkward.' Hall Of Shame: The Season 2 Collection!

The show's name says it all: "Awkward." And, now that its second season has ended, we've officially completed its Hall of Fame Shame, where the most cringeworthy moment of each episode can reside in its own twisted sort of glory. The final clip is below--rank it among those from the entire season!

No one can say Sadie Saxton didn't have it coming. Earlier this season on "Awkward," the mean girl consciously made out with Tamara's former flame right in front of her, but karma gave her a big ol' ass bite on last night's finale when Ricky showed his true colors and continued his cheating streak--this time, on Sadie...and with Clark! Sadie was in shambles when she saw it for herself, but as Tamara pointed out, Ricky will pretty much hump anything that moves.

After Jenna and Tamara buried the hatchet in record time for T's possible breaking of girl code, the pair of friends swore to enjoy themselves. They accidentally busted in on Tamara's ex getting busy with Jenna's anonymous blog commenter, and when Sadie stumbled toward J and T and demanded to see Ricky--who she knew was behind the closed door--they reluctantly obliged. The generally hardened Sadie suddenly fell apart, drowning her sorrows in booze and more bitchiness. And then she passed out.

+ Check out the clip below, and rank it alongside our "Hall of Shame" picks from the entire season!

Episode 11, Jenna Gets Some New Boobs:

Ep 10, Jenna Catches Her Parents In The Act:

Episode 9, Jake Makes A Punching Bag Out Of Matty:

Episode 8, Aunt Ally Has A Few Too Many:

Episode 7, Jake Has An Unfortunate Revelation:

Episode 6, Public Declarations Of Love:

Episode 5, Tamara Has An Accident:

Episode 4, Jenna Sides With Satan:

Episode 3, Dad Drops In On Jacuzzi Night:

Episode 2, Lacey Pathetically Tries To Keep Her Secret Safe:

Episode 1, Jenna Avoids Jake With A Fake Cat Excuse:

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