'Awkward.' Poll: Did Tamara Break Girl Code By Hooking Up With Jake?

Holy sloppy seconds! We were all sorts of shocked by last night's season finale of "Awkward," and not just because Ricky Schwartz suddenly changed his sexual preference. Who would have EVER predicted a love connection between Tamara and Jake?

Jenna's momentary freakout when she first caught her best friend playing tonsil hockey with her ex-boyfriend was surely valid; however, shortly thereafter she remembered that Jake is her ex, and by definition now free to flurry around with whomever he wants. Even her...BFF? Hmm, maybe that's pushin' it.

Isn't Tamara sorta/kinda breaking the cardinal rule of sisterhood by couplin' up with her bestie's one-time bf? It's an unspoken covenant between ladies that you never, ever go after each others' exes--it's the very reason why Ming and Matty macking on each other in Jenna's flashback was super weird--but, then again, if T's finally found a guy to make her happy (and who snaps her out of Ricky Schwartz's spell), more power to her.

+ Whattaya think: Did Tamara break Girl Code by hooking up with Jake, and did she deserve a harsher reaction from Jenna? Before you decide, you might want to recall Season 1, when the roles were pretty much reversed, and a certain someone was forgiven rather quickly...

Did Tamara break Girl Code by hooking up with Jake?

  • Yes
  • No

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