That's What You Said...About The 'Battle Of The Seasons' Premiere

Someone tumbled into an open body of water, another instigated a transcontinental breakup and a house-wide brawl nearly came to fruition. "Battle Of The Seasons" is officially underway, and Wednesday night's premiere was certainly a doozy. Team Cancun got off to a strong start while Fresh Meat and Austin struggled to hang on, and from top to bottom, fans had something to say about everyone in between.

Who will go the distance? Can Danny and Melinda work together effectively enough to keep Austin alive? Check out some of the viewers' predictions for the rest of the "Challenge" season on Remote Control and Facebook, and add your own!

Remote Control:

"I bet the power teams are going to use Eric to try to send guys they're afraid of home. I want to see Eric versus Zach in the physical challenge. I wonder how that would go." -- MirJam

"Lacey's such a sweetheart--I wish she could have stayed. I also love Wes and was super bummed he left early." -- ChallengeObsessed

"The only way Fresh Meat has a chance is if every elimination they go into is physical and Eric can run someone over. Fresh Meat will probably always be the bottom team because Eric can't do anything other than steamroll." -- JobHater


"I'm looking forward to seeing how Zack and Frank's team do, but, damn, Frank is already throwing bombs out?" -- Cody B.

"I thought what Preston did in the first challenge was amazing--he fell from the beam, and yet he climbed right back up and finished! Proud of him!" -- Lindsey M.

"I loved Big Easy before tonight, but he is KING EASY now--took out the biggest punk so we don't have to hear Wes' voice for another episode. Thank you, Easy!" -- John G.

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