MTV Twitter Roundup: Rihanna Offers To Babysit Little Lorenzo

Rihanna-the-babysitter enjoys a night out in London earlier this month.

Rihanna, the world's most sought-after pop star, might regularly go to bed thousands of miles from where she woke up, but that doesn't mean she's any less neighborly. After Snooki of "Jersey Shore" told the Twitterverse how much she loves RiRi's tunes, the "We Found Love" singer offered to babysit little Lorenzo any time the guidette needed an extra hand. Think she'd let him stay up past his bedtime?

Elsewhere on the Twitterverse, Melinda of "Battle Of The Seasons" surprised her followers when she pointed out her ex-husband, Danny, should have been sacrificed to The Arena instead of Wes, and Laurel continued to prove why her infamous "Challenge" apology might have not been so sincere. Also: Farrah Abraham cooks without water? The teen mom-turned-chef pioneered new ground in the kitchen, and Sammi of "Jersey Shore" let her former inner-emo kid out of the closet with a My Chemical Romance endorsement. Who knew?!

Check out what MTV's best and brightest had to say below!

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Photo: Gotcha Images/Splash News