‘Awkward.’ Finale Poll: Did Jenna Pick The Right Guy?

The girl plagued by indecision has finally made up her mind! After struggling to determine where her heart lay–with Jake or MattyJenna made it clear within the first few moments of the “Awkward” finale that she was Matty’s girl once again. The question is: Between the two guys, did she make the right choice?

True to form, Jenna had immediate misgivings about committing to her former fling–not because she didn’t love Matty, but because she was convinced that her life was so characteristically imbalanced that it couldn’t deal her something amazing without pairing it with a disastrous chaser. She waited in a state of panic for the other shoe to drop, but it never seemed to, and she finally accepted the idea that she was deserving of a happy summer with Matty, even if it meant giving up a huge opportunity to travel Europe. But as she lay in his arms at a party toward the end of the episode, she wondered if Matty was just a person she wanted, and not actually what she neededLacey urged her daughter to never let a relationship restrain her, and suddenly, Matty’s grip seemed a little too tight.

+ Tell us what you think: Did Jenna make the right choice? Who should she have picked and why?

Did Jenna make the right choice?

  • Of course! Matty is the guy for her.
  • Not at all, she missed out with Jake.

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