A Europe-Bound Val Has Some Last-Minute Advice For Saddlebag-Sufferers [Video]

Val is off to Europe for Palos Hills High's summer vacation, but she hasn't abandoned you yet! The "Awkward" guidance counselor-turned-vice principal has one more advice segment to offer up before she hits the road, and this one's for all the non-lookers out there. Compassionate Val thinks even you deserve love, too.

After coming down from her "Valium" high (not what you think...), Val endorses long-distance relationships for the unsightly in the webisode below, and points out that virtual means of communication are actually the ideal for two uggo-lovers. "Between late-night Skyping and the occasional phone-bone, you have the ability to change your lighting or your framing," she says. "He'll appreciate you for your spirit, and not your saddlebags." A kind and practical sentiment. No need to guess why this chick's a favorite among students.

Take a look at the video below, and wave goodbye to Ms. Marks before her great getaway! "Hasta la pasta, my little Val Pals of my heart," she says before signing off. DON'T FORGET OUR PAMPLONA KEY CHAIN!

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