Rob And Big Are A Cardboard Town's Most Wanted Criminals [Video]

Forget what you know. Rob Dyrdek and Big Black are nothing more than a bunch of hardened criminals! The two "Fantasy Factory" mainstays think the town of Fairway Haven--which is, for the record, made entirely out of cardboard--is a little too quiet for its own good lately, and have decided to make some waves with a mid-day bank heist. Ridiculous!

Two cream cheese-smeared police officers are alerted to a local robbery via town-wide alarms in filmmaker Freddie W.'s video below, and as soon as the authorities catch the dastardly duo at the scene of the crime with giant satchels thrown over their shoulders, the game of cat and mouse is on. Rob and Big jump in their getaway go-karts and take the 5-0 on a goose chase through the city streets, setting up traps along the way to throw the blue off their trail. But will they get away with their crimes, or spend the rest of their lives in handcuffs made out of recyclable paper product? THIS IS A NAIL-BITER!

+ Check out the video to see how the thriller concludes:

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