Deconstructing Jenna Hamilton's Facebook Page

It's Decision Day! In mere hours, Jenna Hamilton will finally seal her relationship fate (for Junior year, at least) by choosing between two pretty awesome guys. You've all made your TEAM MATTY preference clearer than Ming's nerd glasses, but, while I can't speak for Remote Control as a whole, my heart melts for Jake. No matter how many times I vote in that damn poll, he simply won't rise above 29 percent! What's with you guys??

Anyway. We've been so stressed over the outcome of tonight's finale that we needed a solid distraction. Surprise! How you doin', Facebook? We'd forgotten about Jenna Hamilton's page! So much awesomeness and loads of pretty things to look at, like this stuff:

Bomb taste in music. Jenna's always name-dropping rad tunes by the likes of Sara Bareilles, Passion Pit, Ellie Goulding, Robyn and Usher. Yeah (Yeah! Yeah!), we seriously said Usher. Rock on with yo' bad self, J-Ham.

Cat videos. If you put off doing homework, writing TPS reports, making lunch or whatever else it is you do to fill up your days in favor of browsing the web for cats wearing capes, then we are instant besties. Just so you know.

Animals in clothes. A horse wearing mom jeans. A squirrel rocking a helmet. We don't know where Jenna finds these things, but we want more. Now.

Insane amounts of useless information. Only it's not really useless. This duvet cover video is genius. (Though isn't that Lacey's job?) So are these key instructions on how to fake sick to stay home from school/work.

Those. Status. Updates. Whether she's peeing mostly Sun Drop or obsessing over dry shampoo, our anti-heroine is giving us a much-needed glimpse into her head. Take, for instance, yesterday's status: "Good, bad or ugly, I made a decision." YEEEEESSSSS!!! Bring it, Jenna.

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