'Jersey Shore' Fans Demonstrate Their Juicehead Pride! [Photos]

Submitted by Catia from Silver Spring, who says: "This is how it's done..."

We're completely over grieving the final days of "Jersey Shore"--what kind of example are we setting for the children if we're to sulk and sob about The End, especially when there's an entire new season left to watch on MTV? Crying--before it's even time to say goodbye--surely won't get us anywhere, but celebrating the show's longevity and overall effect on society at large will at least get a healthy buzz going. So that's exactly what we asked "Shore" fans to do on Facebook.

Over the past week, y'all have been dutifully sending in your best photos demonstrating juicehead pride, and we have to say, you did not disappoint. Between a baby dressed in a "Godfather" t-shirt and two adult women wearing animal-print onesies, we couldn't have commissioned more fresh-to-death pictures. So, let us first say thank you (and good luck in the contest circuit this Halloween season!). Secondly, let us truly honor the below seven submissions--our favorites--by taking a good hard look and voting for a winner. You decide: Who's got the most pride?

Submitted by Yolanda from Dallas, who says: "fist pump!"

Submitted by Stephen from Liverpool, who says: "Louie and tony! We also done the handshake and had the chapstick! Fist pump, push up, chapstick! Yeaahhh buddy!"

Submitted by Justin from Borger, who says: "~G~T~L~ No Grenades For These Muscles~"

Submitted by Brooke from Cleveland, who says: "PUSHUPPPP CHAPSTICKKKK"

Submitted by Meredith from Greensboro, who says: "Pauly D & his new bling."

Submitted by Austin from Whitewater, who says: "Fist Pumping Will Never Die, Two of the Most Loyal Pauly and Vinny Fans EVER!"

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