Did Jonna Jump The Gun By Breaking Up With Her Boyfriend For Zach?

Sure, "Battle Of The Seasons" is a game, and there's a $250,000 grand prize on the line, but that doesn't mean romance has to fall by the wayside. Zach and Jonna expressed their feelings for each other in pretty atypical fashion during tonight's premiere (after having pinned down Frank to stop him from fighting), but if it works out, at least they'll have an interesting story to tell!

Still, we were a little caught off guard when after only a quick goodnight kiss, Jonna's rush of emotions immediately directed her to pick up the phone, call her boyfriend and break up with him on the spot in favor of pursuing Zach. "I haven't felt sparks like this from anyone in such a long time," the Cancun alum said about her San Diego crush. Love knows no limits, we suppose--plus, as Jasmine observed, if Jonna and Zach eventually find their footing as a couple, Cancun can count on San Diego to keep them out of The Arena. And who doesn't love a good meshing of potential romance and championship cash?

+ What do you think--was Jonna's call to her boyfriend too impulsive, or should she continue to go with her gut and see where things lead with Zach?

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