'Battle Of The Seasons' Poll: Does Team Fresh Meat Stand A Chance?

The cat's out of the bag! Three "Fresh Meat" alums (and their teammate by extension, Camila a.k.a the most famous Spring Break-er of all time) rounded out the final "Battle Of The Seasons" roster when they arrived to the first mission just before the game got underway. They looked tough, determined and ready to pounce, but with a no-show performance from Big Easy in "Don't Cross Me," Team Yellow effectively hand-painted and applied targets to their own backs. The disappointing DQ led to in-team fighting and a one-way ticket to the game's inaugural elimination round.

Having missed out on the first few days of politicking, Fresh Meat was already at a disadvantage with respect to the game's social play, and Easy's unfortunate spill made them an easy elimination round pick for missions to come. Still, Eric managed to atone for his mistakes with a huge win over Wes and Team Austin in The Arena, and though he and Cara Maria returned to the game, it seems likely that out-of-the-loop Fresh Meat will see more of the Arena as the game plows on. Eric was proud to have shown up to "BOTS" looking more svelte than ever, but Cara Maria couldn't discount the fact that he was a competitive liability.

+ What do you think, can Fresh Meat fulfill the Cinderella prophecy and come out on top, or are they destined to leave the game just as quickly as they joined it? Take the poll!

Does the new 'Fresh Meat' team stand a chance?

  • No way, there's no bigger target than the one on their backs.
  • Yes, they're scrappers and know how to pull through.

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