Don't Let His Frame Fool You: Jionni Has Got One Hell Of A Kick [Video]

Jionni makes his athletic prowess known at CitiField earlier this year.

At 63 yards, the NFL record for the longest successful field goal attempt is nothing short of mind-boggling, but even more astounding is that Snooki's vertically-challenged fiance, Jionni, who was probably never thought to be a threat on any field or blacktop, isn't far behind. The "Jersey Shore" cast member-by-extension recently posted an incredible athletic feat in the form of a 45-yard field goal to YouTube, and if there was a crowd behind him, you can expect it would have been roaring with applause.

"For drinks!" Jionni's friend challenges him below as the guy sets up nearly 50 yards away from the goal post. The new dad shakes out his nerves, exacts his footing, and with one upward scoop, boots the ball into the stratosphere. "I still can't believe @JLaValle can do this!" Snooks tweeted after getting a good look at the home video. Consider us in similar company.

+ Take a look at the clip, and tell us if you think Jionni has one or two Super Bowl Sundays in his future. At the very least, Lorenzo's potential as BMOC shows some sure promise.

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Photo: Anthony J. Causi/Splash News